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Ephesus, former metropolis of the Roman province Asia Minor on the coast of the Aegean Sea, south of Izmir. Since 1895 the Austrian Oesterreichisches Archaeologisches Institut has been carrying out excavations and research projects (continuing preliminary work by the British between 1863 and 1883 and 1904/1905); funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Austrian Research Fund (1895-1913 under the direction of F. A. O. Benndorf and R. Heberdey, 1926-1935 J. Keil, 1954-1958 F. Miltner, 1960-1968 F. Eichler, 1969-1986 H. Vetters, 1986-1992 G. Langmann, since 1993 S. Karwiese). The finds mostly date from Roman times and late Antiquity (markets, roads, baths, temples, houses, libraries, theatres, stadiums, well-houses, grave monuments, cemeteries, churches), in the Artemiseum finds dating back to the 9th  century B.C. have been excavated.


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