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Ernst der Eiserne#

Ernst (the Iron), Habsburg, Duke of Inner Austria, b. Bruck an der Mur, 1377, d. Bruck an der Mur, June 10, 1424, son of Leopold III (Leopoldinian line). Until 1411 was dominated by his brother Leopold IV, then after his brother's death ruled Inner Austria (Styria, carinthia, Carniola) where he commissioned considerable construction projects (e.g. the castle chapel in Wiener Neustadt). On March 18, 1414 had himself appointed (last) Duke of Carinthia and from then on called himself Archduke. Cimburgis von Masowien Friedrich IIIHis grave in the chapel of the Rein Monastery depicts him in full armour and in the (Arch-)Duke's hat. The epithet did not originate until after his death.