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Erzherzogshut (Archducal Crown), the crown of the Austrian Lands. It was donated by Archduke Maximilian III in 1616 and entrusted for safekeeping to the Abbey of Klosterneuburg, whence it was occasionally brought to Vienna for the ceremony of attornment, (the first time in 1620, the last time in 1835). Another Erzherzogshut, preserved in Mariastein in Tirol, was made for the funeral ceremonies of Archduke Ferdinand II in 1595, on the model of the Austrian Erzherzogshut. Duke Ernst (d. 1424) of Styria also had a similar crown. Today it is exhibited in the Joanneum, the museum of the province of Styria. Another Archducal crown was made for the coronation of King Joseph II in 1764 in Frankfurt, but only the carcass of this crown has been preserved.


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