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Evangelische Kirche Augsburgischen Bekenntnisses A. B#

Protestant Church, Augsburg Confession: Since during the Toleration period the traditional names for the various denominations were rejected, the adherents of the Lutheran Reformation were designated by a term from the 16th century, which referred to their most important Confession (1530). It is still the legally correct name, even though the complete Book of Concord of 1580 has formed its doctrinal basis since 1949. On January 1, 1998 the church of Augsburg Confession included 190 parishes with 339,556 members (7 superintendents: Burgenland; Carinthia and East Tyrol; Lower Austria; Upper Austria; Salzburg and Tirol; Styria; Vienna).

The seats of the superintendents are in the provincial capitals, except for Carinthia (Villach) and Lower Austria (Bad Voeslau). In Lower Austria the seat of the superintendent was transferred from Bad Voeslau to St. Poelten in 1998. The seat of the church administration (Oberkirchenrat - supreme church council) is in Vienna, its chairman is Bishop H. Sturm. The president of the synod is P. Kroemer (St. Poelten).


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