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Fendi, Peter#

b. Vienna, Sept. 4, 1796, d. Vienna, Aug. 28, 1842, portraitist, genre painter, water-colourist, lithographer and copperplate engraver. F. was a pupil of J. M. Fischer, H. Maurer and J. B. Lampi and studied the paintings of 17th century Dutch masters. From 1818 worked as a draughtsman and copperplate engraver for the Numismatic and Antiques Cabinet, and from the late 1820s focused on genre painting. one of the main representatives of the Old Vienna School (Altwiener Schule), F. was a popular children's portraitist and gave private drawing lessons at court and to the Viennese aristocracy. His water-colour technique reached a zenith during the Vienna Biedermeier era. He was the teacher of C. Schindler.


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