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Feuilleton (French for "leaflet"), originally (18th century) a special supplement in French newspapers devoted to advertisements and announcements. The concept of the feuilleton was introduced in Vienna by the daily newspaper "Die Presse", established in 1848 and modeled after the French daily "La Presse", which encouraged a light and entertaining style known as "feuilletonism". A Viennese-style feuilleton arose featuring writers such as F. Kuernberger, L. Speidel, D. Spitzer and F. Schloegl as well as P. Altenberg, V. Auburtin and A. Polgar in the 20th century. The feuilleton as a newspaper section was replaced by a (more comprehensive) culture section after World War II. Some magazine shows on radio and television still maintain the feuilleton style in their features.


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