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Cinematographic Technology, field of technology to which Austrian developments greatly contributed, particularly in the early years. The stroboscope, invented in 1832 by S. Stampfer, created the impression of moving pictures. The film projectors designed in 1846 by F. Uchatius made it possible for several persons to view such pictures simultaneously. Encouraged by his father, E. Mach, L. Mach succeeded in developing cinematographic time-lapse photography in 1893. In 1904 A. Musger received a patent for the invention of slow-motion photography (presented in 1907). From 1931 until its bankruptcy in 1981 Eumig company played a primary role in the production of 8mm/16mm film cameras. Since 1975 the Moviecam company in Vienna has been producing a 35-mm-low-noise-camera which is exported throughout the world.