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Fischamend, Lower Austria, town in the district of Wien-Umgebung, alt. 156 m, pop. 4,417, area 24.94 km2, situated at the mouth of the River Fischa on the Danube southeast of Vienna; comprises the cadastral districts of Fischamend-Markt and Fischamend-Dorf. - Water works, sports centre; window manufacturing, chemical industry, air containers. - Mentioned as Aequinoctium in the Tabula Peutingeriana and the Itinerarium Antonini, it is also mentioned in the late classical work Notitia Dignitatum as the site of a cavalry unit (equites Dalmatae). Archeologists have excavated Roman findings from the 2nd through the 4th century A.D. There have been two settlements on both the right and left bank of the River Fischa since the Middle Ages. Chartered town city since 1986. Baroque parish church (1715-1730) with a painting of the Last Supper by F. A. Maulbertsch (around 1765), medieval subsidiary church built before 1400 with Rococo interior. Early Baroque market tower with a museum of local history (founded in 1927).


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