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Anti-aircraft Towers, six large concrete anti-aircraft towers stand within the city of Vienna built in 1943/1944 by F. Tamms. Two towers stand in the Arenberg park (3rd district), two in the Augarten park (2nd district) and one each in the Esterházy park (6th district) and the courtyard of the Stiftkaserne barracks (7th district). Each group of two towers (a command tower and a gun tower) formed a unit where the smaller command tower transmitted data collected from observations to the larger gun tower, which was usually equipped with four heavy twin anti-aircraft cannons in order to ward off enemy bomber planes. Although all anti-aircraft towers were finished by autumn 1944, the towers never presented an effective defence against bomb attacks. Today the tower in the Stiftkaserne barracks is used as a command post. The former gun tower in the Esterházy park houses the Haus des Meeres.


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