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Farmland, Subdivision of: Subdivisions of farmland are often referred to as "Flur" in Austria (in the province of Burgenland as "Hotter"). Dependent on the prevailing terrain conditions, land tenure, legal rules and forestry practice, the layout of the "flur" reflects the ages in which the land was settled. Block-like fields stand for the older settled areas, strip fields and common fields in previously forested areas for the planned colonisation in the Middle Ages beginning in 1000 A.D. (mostly in eastern Austria), and hoof-shaped clearings for former forest areas cleared during the High and Late Middle Ages (Muehlviertel region and western Waldviertel region), while holdings outside village precincts are typical of clearing throughout the Alpine region. Land reform, reclassification of land and changes in farming practices have led to mixed land use patterns, and in certain cases to the disappearance of traditional forms.


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