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Forchtenstein, Burgenland, municipality in the district of Mattersburg, alt. 343 m, pop. 2,698, area 16.59 km2. Local small and medium-sized businesses, structural steel construction, quarry, sand and gravel extraction, production of cement products. Forchtenau reservoir with camp site, fortress administration, fortress festivals, Servite monastery. The fortress standing on dolomite rock was built towards the end of the 13th century by the counts Mattersdorfer, in 1445 it was sold to the Habsburgs and given to Nikolaus Esterházy in 1626, who had the fortress expanded in 1635 by S. Radaeck and D. Carlone. A four-winged structure with casemates, armoury and chapel on the old foundation around the keep (beginning of the 14th century) and around a trapezoidal courtyard. In 1681/1682 the fortress centre was expanded, in 1761/1762 the upper floors were raised. Forchtenstein was used as a treasure chamber and depot for weapons and armoury of the Esterházy troops and still houses a weapons collection from the 16th to the 19th century, suits of armour, booty taken from the Turks in 1686, portraits of the Esterházy family and several emperors.


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