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Frankfurter Nationalversammlung#

Frankfurter Nationalversammlung (Frankfurt Parliament, German National Assembly), the parliamentary body elected by all lands belonging to the Deutscher Bund after the Revolution of 1848 broke out; the Frankfurter Nationalversammlung met for the first time on May 18, 1848 in Frankfurt am Main, the seat of the German Bundestag, in St. Paul's Church; the Frankfurter Nationalversammlung held debates on a constitution and named Archduke Johann Regent of the Empire. In the beginning of 1849 the Frankfurter Nationalversammlung voted to make the German Confederacy a hereditary empire under Prussian leadership, from which Austria was to be excluded. When the Prussian king was elected emperor (which he, however, refused), Austria withdrew its deputies on April 4, 1849. With Austria's withdrawal came the dissolution of the inconclusive Frankfurter Nationalversammlung. Among Austria's 115 representatives were V. v. Andrian-Werburg, A. A. Count Auersperg (Pseudonym A. Gruen), H. Laube, A. v. Schmerling, F. Schuselka and B. Weber.


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