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Franz I.Stephan#

b. Nancy (France), Dec. 8, 1708, d. Innsbruck (Tyrol), Aug. 18, 1765. Emperor (from 1745); 1729 as Franz III Stephan Duke of Lorraine and Bar. In 1735 had to renounce his lands, but became Grand Duke of Tuscany in 1737, after the line of the Medici had died out. Married Maria Theresia in 1736, founded the House of Habsburg-Lothringen, and became co-regent in the Austrian hereditary lands from November 21, 1740. Although he had only few political powers, he was very skilled in handling economic affairs. His large fortune was used to establish the Habsburg family fund in 1765. He is buried in the Capuchin Crypt. Monuments designed by B. F. Moll are situated in the Burggarten, in the park of Schoenbrunn Palace (both in Vienna) and in Laxenburg (Lower Austria).


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