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Franzisceische Landesaufnahme#

Franzian Cartographical Register, the second cartographical register of the patrimonial lands of the Habsburg family from 1806-1869, named after the Emperor Franz I; it replaced the Josephinian Cartographical Register; the Franzian Cartographical Register was drawn up by the engineer officers of the Topographical (later Topographical-Lithographical) Institute, also known as the Imperial Military Geography, Institute of (Militaergeographisches Institut) after 1839. The technique used to survey the lands was uniform triangulation. The register is comprised of 2,628 maps drawn to the scale of 1 : 28,800, which were used as the basis for the cartographical register of the Austrian Monarchy at a scale of 1 : 144,000. The Franzian Cartographical Register was replaced by the third register, the Francisco-Josephinian Cartographical Register.


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