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Fux, Johann Joseph#

b. Hirtenfeld (Styria), around 1660, d. Vienna, Feb. 13, 1741, composer and music theorist (also called the "Austrian Palestrina" for his theoretical work "Gradus ad Parnassum", 1725). 1696-1702 organist in the Schottenstift monastery in Vienna; 1705-1713 orchestra director in St Stephen's Cathedral; from 1713 orchestra director for the Emperor's widow, Amalie Wilhelmine; from 1711 deputy Kapellmeister; 1715 Kapellmeister at the court of Vienna. While during his lifetime mostly known as a composer of the court's splendid gala operas, his reputation as a music theorist grew only after his death. - In 1955 a Fux Society, which also edits the complete edition of F's works, was founded in Graz.


20 operas (among others "Costanza e Fortezza", 1723), 14 oratorios, approx. 80 masses and further compositions for sacred music, numerous instrumental works. - Edition: Saemtliche Werke, ed. by the J.-J.-F.-Ges., 1959ff.


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