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Görtschacher, Urban#

b. Villach (Carinthia) around 1485, d. around 1530, famous Carinthian painter during the late Middle Ages. Created frescoes and panel paintings; frescoes in churches in Kaning, St. Radegund im Lesachtal, Moederndorf, Feistritz an der Drau, St. Sigmund im Pustertal, St. Stefan an der Gail and Tiffen as well as 4 panel paintings (Oesterreichische Galerie in Belvedere Palace and the Diocese Museum in Vienna) are attributed to him. His main work is the Last Judgement fresco which he created in 1518 in Millstatt, Carinthia. Because of his connections to Paduan and Venetian painting, art historians assume several stays in Italy. As successor of "Meister Thomas von Villach" his style shows elements both of late Gothic and Early Renaissance art.


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