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Günther, Anton#

Guenther, Anton, b. Lindava, Czech Republic (then Lindenau), Nov. 17, 1783, d. Vienna, Feb. 24, 1863, religious philosopher, theologian of international fame. Studied under B. Bolzano, from 1810 in the circle around C. M. Hofbauer, became a priest, founder of an influential school of theology in the 19th century ("Guentherianism"). G. attempted to establish a new basis for theology based on anthropology providing a reasonable explanation for supernatural truths; he turned against scholasticism and pantheism and placed reason above faith and philosophy above theology. His teachings were condemned by the Catholic Church in 1857 at the instigation of prince-archbishop J. O. von Rauscher and he accepted this judgement. His school influenced Old Catholicism.

Edition: Gesammelte Schriften, 9 vols., 1882.


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