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Gailtaler Alpen#

Gailtal Alps, Carinthia, southern limestone range between the valleys Drautal and Gailtal, which is largely made up of the Drau range ("Drauzug"), a geological formation that remained in the south when what is now the northern limestone range shifted northward. The Gailtal Alps, stretching from west to east, can be divided into five groups: 1) Lienzer Dolomiten (Grosse Sandspitze, alt. 2,770 m; Hochstadel, alt. 2,681 m) at the provincial border between Carinthia and East Tyrol; 2) Reisskofel group (Reisskofel, alt. 2,371 m) between Gailbergsattel Pass and Kreuzberg Pass; 3) Latschur group (Latschur, alt. 2,236 m) between Lake Weissensee and Sachsenburg, where the River Drau/Drava bends; 4) Spitzegel group (Spitzegel, alt. 2,119 m) south-east of Lake Weissensee; 5) the Dobratsch Massif (alt. 2,166 m) as their eastern limit. Passes: Gailbergsattel (alt. 982 m), Kreuzbergsattel (alt. 1,077 m). Mountain refuges: Karlsbader Huette (alt. 2,261 m) at the Laserzseen Lakes, Hochstadelhaus (alt. 1,780 m) at Oberdrauburg, Kerschbaumeralm-Schutzhaus (alt. 1,902 m), Comptonhuette (alt. 1,585 m), Ludwig-Walter-Haus (alt. 2,143 m).