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Galli-Bibiena, Ferdinando#

b. Bologna (Italy), Aug. 18, 1656, d. Bologna (Italy), Jan. 3, 1743, master-builder, painter, brother of Francesco Francesco Galli-Bibiena and father of Antonio Galli-Bibiena and Giuseppe Galli-Bibiena. After he had worked as a court artist for the Farnese dynasty in Parma and Piacenza for 30 years, Karl VI called him first to Barcelona in 1708, where he worked as an architect and set designer, and later to Vienna. In his decorations for the theatre and for festivities he replaced the central axis with a diagonal axis and introduced an angular perspective. Was defeated by J. B. Fischer von Erlach when competing for the construction of St. Charles´ church in Vienna. He returned to Bologna in 1716.