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Galli-Bibiena, Giuseppe#

b. Parma (Italy), Jan. 5, 1696, d. Berlin (Germany), March 12, 1757, son of Ferdinando Galli-Bibiena and brother of Antonio Galli-Bibiena. Accompanied his father to Barcelona and Vienna, where he substituted for his father from 1717. However, it was not until 1723 that he was officially appointed "First Theatrical Engineer". Together with his brother Antonio he designed decorations for the theatre and for festivities for Vienna, Linz (used transparent decorations for the first time), Graz and Prague (1723 "Costanza e Fortezza" at Hradčany castle). Was in Dresden in 1747, from 1751 he received occasional orders from Friedrich the Great and from 1753 worked permanently for him in Berlin.