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Gleinalpe Mountain, Styria, long ridge in the Central Alps (gneiss and crystalline slate), part of the Steirisches Randgebirge mountain range, northwest of the Styrian capital of Graz. Northeastern continuation of the Stubalpe mountain ridge, it follows the south bank of the River Mur/Mura to Diebsweg and divides the regions of Upper and Central Styria. The highest point is Speikkogel (1,988m). Gleinalpe, which is covered with forests and alpine pastures, is continued by the Hochalpe mountain. Highest point: Wetterkogel, 1,643m in the northeast). Gleinalm Restaurant (1,586m) is situated near Knittelfeld, the Gleinalm tunnel connects St Michael in Upper Styria and Uebelbach (alt. 804m, length: 8.3 km).