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Globocnik, Odilo#

Globocnik, Odilo, b. Trieste (Italy), April 24, 1904, d. Paternion (Carinthia, suicide), May 31, 1945. National Socialist politician and SS-leader, Divisional Head of Propaganda, 1933 deputy gauleiter of Carinthia, substantial involvement in the Anschluss of March 1938 as a member of the influential "Carinthian Group". From 1938-1939 gauleiter of Vienna, from 1939-1942 head of the SS and of the police force in Lublin, leading role in the "Aktion Reinhard", the annihilation of Jews in Poland and the exploitation of their wealth. From 1943-1945 head of the SS and of the police force of the Adriatic coastal region.


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