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Gmünd, Kärnten#

Gmuend, Carinthia, town in the district of Spittal an der Drau, alt. 741 m, pop. 2,645, area 31.60 km2, developed out of a settlement around a medieval castle (13th century, chartered in 1292). Situated at the confluence of the Malta and the Lieser rivers, west of the Nockberge national park (founded in 1987, area 184.3 km2), alongside the road that crosses the Katschberg mountain (road dates back to the Romans). - Office of the forest guards, timber industry, food industry (spices), manufacturing of nets and knitwear, brickworks, production of building material, summer tourism (72,102 overnight stays), municipal museum, Museum of Porsche Automobiles (since 1982). - Commercial town during the 15th century, fortification walls from the 13th century (Pankrazitor, Unteres Tor, Maltator), ancient castle (first documentary mention in 1252; ruin since 1886; Now, settled by artists, hosts a gallery), Neues Schloss Lodron, palace (1651-54; Now a school), Gothic parish church (14th /15th centuries) with a high altar from 1722; round charnel house with wall paintings from the Gothic period (1370), calvary chapel (donated in 1629), square with town houses from the 16th , 17th and 18th centuries, pillory (1576).


H. P. Brigola, Gmuend in Kaernten. Geographie einer Kleinstadt, doctoral thesis, Graz 1977.