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Grossvenediger Mountain, East Tirol/Salzburg, alt. 3,666 m, heavily glaciated main peak of the Venediger Mountains in the Hohen Tauern range, fourth highest mountain in Austria, first conquered in 1841 by A. von Ruthner and companions. Accessible from the east through the Gschloess valley, from the south through the Virgental valley, from the north through the Obersulzbachtal, Untersulzbachtal or Habachtal valleys. Mountain refuges: Neue Prager Huette (alt. 2,782 m), Defregger Haus (2,963 m), Kuersingerhuette (2,548 m), Thueringer Huette (2,212 m), Badener Huette (2,608 m).