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Gsteu, Johann Georg#

Gsteu, Johann Georg, b. Hall in Tirol, July 26, 1927, architect. Studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under C. Holzmeister, 1950-1953, from 1980-1992 taught at the Gesamthochschule Kassel (institution with colleges teaching at various levels). Designed mainly religious buildings and apartment buildings based on rational and technically innovative design concepts.

buildings: renovation of Rosenkranz church in Hetzendorf, Vienna, 1956-1958 (with F. Achleitner); pastoral care centre Steyr-Ennsleiten, 1958-1961 (with Arbeitsgruppe 4); pastoral care centre Baumgartner Spitz, Vienna, 1960-1965; sculptors' accommodation St. Margarethen, 1962-1968; branches of the Z- bank in Rudolfsheim, Vienna, Sparkassenplatz (1970-1972), Strebersdorf, Vienna (1971-1972) and Stadlau, Vienna (1979); parish hall and kindergarten, Hetzendorf, Vienna 1968-1971; part of the housing project Aderklaaerstrasse, Vienna 1973-1978; apartment building Matthaeusgasse 3, Landstrasse, Vienna 1983-1985; apartment building Weiglgasse 4, Vienna, 1983-1987; U6 underground station buildings, Vienna, 1990-1995.