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Höfische Epik#

Courtly Epics, medieval romance-like knightly epic poetry that reached its culmination in the German-speaking countries under the emperors of the Hohenstaufen dynasty and was promoted by the major aristocratic courts of the period. The German-language courtly epics also extolled chivalrous values and ideals such as loyalty, generosity, honour and piety, and glorified courtly love (Minne). The heroes of courtly epics were usually led from selfishness to altruistic action. The most popular themes were connected with the Arthurian legend and its knights (Erec, Yvain, Gawain, Parzival (Perceval)); another popular subject was the story of Tristan, which was adapted by German-speaking poets and became widely known in Germany. The genre of knightly romance came to Austria rather late (ca. 1220) and then met with considerable interest on the part of many authors like Heinrich von dem Tuerlin, the Stricker, Rudolf von Ems, the Pleier, Ulrich von dem Tuerlin and the author of "Edolanz".