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Chambers are the statutory Interest Groups of all professional groups in Austria. Unlike certain countries such as the UK or the USA, chamber membership is compulsory; this has been criticized lately, but the Austrian political powers are not willing to change the situation.

The chambers are self-governing bodies with a variety of organs that pursue a number of tasks entrusted to them by law. As far as internal chamber matters are concerned, the state has no right to interfere. At the same time the chambers are organs of the public administration (delegated functions). Disputes between chambers and their members are settled by administrative tribunals. The chambers of the liberal professions can introduce disciplinary measures like withdrawing the right of practise (e.g. deletion from the list of members of the bar association).

Chambers in Austria: Economic Chambers, Chambers of Labour, Chambers of Agriculture,

Chambers of Agricultural and Allied Workers; associations of liberal professions: Bar Associations, Chambers of Notaries Public, °Austrian Chambers of Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers, Chambers of Architects and Engineering Consultants, Austrian Medical Association, Austrian Chamber of Pharmacists, Chambers of Veterinary Medicine, Austrian Chamber of Dentists.