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Karnburg, Carinthia, village in the district of Klagenfurt, alt. 507 m, at the foot of Ulrichsberg Mountain, on a plateau above the River Glan, to the north of Klagenfurt, cadastral district of the municipality of Maria Saal. Centre of the Slav duchy of Carantania. On the plateau was a Carolingian court, first documented mention as Curtis Carantana, in 888 official visit of King Arnulf von Kaernten. The church (documented mention in 927) was originally the chapel of a Carolingian palace; a large number of relief and inscription stones were used for building the church; partly preserved Romanesque wall paintings (13th  century). Near the church the famous Fuerstenstein(princes´ stone) is to be found (today in the provincial museum of Klagenfurt); official place of the Ducal Coronation at which the Duke of Carinthia was appointed.