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Leonding, Upper Austria, town in the district of Linz Land, alt. 289 m, pop. 21,209, area 24.05 km2, industrial and residential town west of Linz, at the eastern border of the Kuernberger Wald mountain. - public library, sports and multi-purpose hall Leonding-Hart, Kuernberg hall (multi-purpose complex), shooting-range of the Federal Armed Forces (Alharting), children´s village St. Isidor. 8,932 gainfully employed persons (1991), about 55 % in trade and industry: factories for batteries, fire-extinguishers, spinning machines, industrial furnaces, electronic industry; trade (shopping centre, do-it-yourself store, etc.). Chartered in 1976. - Parish church remodelled in Baroque style with modern central building, towers of the Linz fortification of 1830-1833; Holzheim Palace rebuilt in 1726.


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