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Magdalensberg Mountain (called Helenenberg until 1583), Carinthia, alt.1,058 m, one of the four sacred mountains of the Vierberge-Wallfahrt. Situated to the north-east of the Zollfeld region and the market town of Maria Saal, Magdalensberg Mountain is the site of some of the most outstanding Austrian excavations including pre-Roman fortifications and a place of worship. 120 metres below these fortifications, extensive ruins of late Celtic and early Roman settlements (including a forum, government and residential buildings, baths and workshops) have been excavated. A Late Gothic pilgrimage church dedicated to St. Helen and Mary Magdalene (first documented mention in 1262 and rebuilt in 1462) houses an altarpiece with side wings (1502) made by the woodcarving workshops at St. Veit. Next to the church is a pagan sacrificial altar. During late Celtic and early Roman times the settlements on Magdalensberg Mountain formed a town extending over an area of about 3 km2. During the Celtic period it served commercial purposes (Regnum Noricum), while it was turned into an administrative centre after the peaceful occupation of the region (then called Noricum) by Roman settlers in 15 B.C. In 1502 the Juengling vom Magdalensberg was found on Magdalensberg Mountain. Further archeological finds are exhibited in the museum housed by a restored Roman building.


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