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National Holiday: In the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, the birthday of the Emperor (Franz Joseph August 18) was the main national holiday. In the 1st Republic, the day of the proclamation of the Republic (November 12) was a state but not a national Holiday. In the Corporate State, May 1 was celebrated as the anniversary of the proclamation of the constitution, from 1934 May 1 was Labour Day, Youth´s Day and Mother´s Day. In the National Socialist era, May 1 was celebrated as the "National Holiday of the German People". In the 2nd Republic the "Day of the Austrian Flag" was celebrated for the first time on October 26, 1955 (the day of the Declaration of Neutrality), and subsequently every year on October 26. In the Federal Legislation Act of October 26, 1965, October 26 was declared a gesture of willingness to preserve the status of independence with direct reference to the Constitutional law on the neutrality of Austria; since 1967 stores have been closed on National Holidays.


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