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Neusiedl am See#

Neusiedl am See, Burgenland, municipality in the district of Neusiedl am See, alt. 131m, pop. 4,684 (1981: 4,123), area 57.16 km2, summer tourism and lake bathing resort (122,977 overnight stays), situated at the northern end of Lake Neusiedl at the edge of the Parndorfer Platte tableland; separated from the water by a wide reed belt, access to bathing places via a passable causeway dike. - District administration authorities, district court, Employment services, tax and surveyor´s office, Economic Chamber, Chamber of Labour, Bergerkaserne barracks, federal vintners´ inspectorate, agricultural district authorities, monastery of the Sisters of the Redeemer, workshop for the disabled, welfare centre, several secondary and vocational training schools: Gymnasium and Realgymnasium secondary schools, commercial academy, secondary schools for commercial professions and tourism, vocational schools of agriculture), school for make-up artists (private), sailing school (private), experimental plant for vegetable gardening of the secondary vocational training school for horticulture in Vienna-Schoenbrunn (BVA), recreation and sports centre, Museum of Pannonian History and Culture, Lake Museum (since 1951, animals in outdoor enclosure). Primary sector: service industries, especially personal, social and public services, trade, about 83% of all 2,727 (1991) gainfully employed persons; canning industry. In spite of a decline in agricultural production (esp. vegetable gardening), the agricultural sector (esp. wine and fruit cultivation) is still of importance. - Abundant Roman grave findings, German name first documented in 1282 as "Niusidel", wine cultivation first mentioned in 1313. Up to 1921 in Hungarian territory, municipality since 1926. - Parish church with Gothic core, Baroque alterations, ceiling frescoes (1951), high altar with altar piece from 1738, side altars (1st half of the 18th century), remarkable pulpit ("Fischerkanzel" pulpit, 18th century), Baroque Johanneskapelle chapel (1739); Plague Column (1713); Christ Column (1609); Baroque houses on the main square, remains of the Tabor tower, remains of a mediaeval castle and a corner pillar of an old entrenchment ("Alte Schanze"), which reached as far as the Danube in the 18th century.


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