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Noreia: 1) Pre-Roman goddess venerated in the area of today´s Austria, known from inscriptions of the Roman Imperial period dedicated to the goddess. The Romans put her on a level with the Egyptian goddess Isis and venerated her as Isis-Noreia. There is historical evidence (epigraphs) of sanctuaries in Hohenstein in the Glantal valley and on the Ulrichsberg mountain. 2) Place in Noricum mentioned several times in ancient texts; its exact location is unknown. It is likely that various settlements of this name existed because it was derived from a goddess. The Roman army, led by the consul Gnaeus Papirius Carbo, was defeated by the Cimbri at Noreia in 113 B. C.; the main settlement of the Norici Tribe was unsuccessfully besieged by the Boii around 60 B. C. The classical author Strabo mentions gold washing and metal processing in Noreia.