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Provisorische Nationalversammlung#

Provisional National Assembly, parliament established during the early phase of the First Republic. On October 21, 1918 the German-speaking deputies (from the German Crown Lands, the Sudetenland, Silesia, South Moravia and German-speaking enclaves) elected to the house of representatives, which had been formed in 1911, met and called themselves the "Provisional National Assembly of the Independent German-Austrian State". The assembly elected three presidents (F. Dinghofer of the German Nationalist Party, J. Fink of the Christian-Socialist Party, who was followed by J. N. Hauser, and K. Seitz of the Social-Democratic Party) after October 30. A State Council was created to serve as executive body; the assembly declared the First Republic on November 12, 1918. The Provisional National Assembly ceased to exist as of February 16, 1919 and was replaced by the Constituent National Assembly.


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