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Radenthein, Carinthia, town in the district of Spittal an der Drau, alt. 746 m, pop. 6,853, area 89.28 km2, north-east of Lake Millstatt, at the foot of Nock mountains. - Cultural centre, gymnasium, transformer station, natural-gas reducing works; well known for its magnesite works (since 1908), now Veitsch-Radex GmbH, magnesite mining at the foot of the Millstatt Alps; production of traditional costumes, metal industry. Lakeside resorts and camping site in Doebriach. - Iron processing since 1759, later forging works. Parish church (documented mention in 1177, altered in the 17th  century), high altar with side portals and Rococo statues; Protestant church (1953); late Gothic parish church (15th century) in Doebriach, redecorated in Baroque style, with high altar (1659) and bell (1471).


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