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Rohrbach in Oberösterreich#

Rohrbach in Oberoesterreich, Upper Austria, town in the district of Rohrbach im Muehlkreis, alt. 605 m, pop. 2,132 (1,874 in 1981), area 6.42 km2, in the northwestern upper Muehlviertel Region, several schools. - District Commission, District Court and Labour Court, District Chamber of Agriculture, District Sports Centre, Labour Market Service, Inland Revenue Office and Surveyor´s Office, Wirtschaftsfoerderungsinstitut Oesterreich (WIFI), Vocational Training Institute, local authority responsible for road maintenance, hospital, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Labour, regional health insurance agency, Caritas, counselling centre for young people and drug users, training centre for disabled persons, Volkshilfe charity, psychological service, Bundesrealgymnasium secondary school, commercial academy, advanced-level commercial school, nursing school, public library; 2,277 employed persons (1991) particularly in the personal, social and public services; commerce, some summer tourism (13,674 overnight stays in 1992). - Parish church with Gothic choir by C. A. Carlone, rebuilt between 1696 and 1700; high altar (1710), high-quality Baroque sculptures by K. and H. G. Stempel; Renaissance Town Hall with arcades (late 16th century); column of the Holy Trinity (1743); Sprinzenstein Palace above the Kleine Muehl river (documented mention in 1253); dating from the mid-16th century, several parts of the building date even further back; 3-storey arcaded courtyard; keep (imitation); portal (1607).


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