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Rotunde, the central building of the Vienna World Fair in 1873 in the Prater; at the time the world's largest domed building of its kind, the Rotunde was constructed by C. Hasenauer according to designs by J. Scott-Russel, but in somewhat altered form; the actual building was constructed by the Johann Caspar Harkort Company (Duisburg, Germany). The partially panel-faced iron construction was 84 m high and 108 m in diameter. The portals were richly decorated (by C. Geyling, E. Hellmer, F. Laufberger, F. Melnitzky and V. Pilz, and others). Although artistically subject to much controversy, the building met with enthusiastic approval on the part of the visitors. Later it was used as a hall for events and exhibitions. A. Girardi sang the "Fiakerlied" here for the first time in 1885. In 1937 the Rotunde was destroyed by fire. On its old site now stands the main building (South Portal) of the Vienna Messegelaende fairgrounds.