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Troger, Paul#

b. Welsberg (Zell) im Pustertal/Val Pusteria (South Tyrol), Oct. 30, 1698, d. Vienna, July 20, 1762, fresco and panel painter. Was one of the masters of Austrian painting of the late baroque period. Spent a long time studying in Italy, from 1726-1728 worked in Salzburg (ceiling fresco of the Kajetaner Church, 1728), then in Vienna, where the art of ceiling frescoes was, however, dominated by J. M. Rottmayr and D. Gran. T. very soon became the favourite fresco painter in Lower Austrian monasteries, very often worked with the architect J. Munggenast. 1753 to 1759 he took on the painting class in the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, was its rector 1754-1757 and influenced numerous significant painters of the next generation (F. A. Maulbertsch, J. I. Mildorfer, J. B. W. Bergl etc.).

Based on upper Italian and southern German traditions, T. took full advantage of the principle of illusion in ceiling painting and consciously used light and colour for symbolic and allegorical purposes (Stairwell at the Monastery of Goettweig, 1739). His designs and works (for instance the frescoes in the Monastery of Altenburg, done with the assistance of his student J. J. Zeiller) belong to the most significant examples of baroque fresco painting in the German-speaking area. After 1752 only easel paintings.

Further works#

Altar paintings: Melk Abbey, Chapel in Schoenbrunn Palace, Zwettl Abbey, Cathedral in Klagenfurt, Buergerspital Church and Muellner Church in Salzburg. - Frescoes with J. Munggenast: Church of the Engl. Fraeulein in St. Poelten, 1729/1730; marble hall and library in Melk Abbey, 1731/1732; church, stairwell and library in Altenburg Monastery, 1732-1734; Zwettl Abbey (1733); marble hall in Seitenstetten Abbey, 1735, library, 1740; marble hall in Geras Monastery, 1738; Pilgrimage Church Maria Dreieichen (1752). - Drawings, oil sketches.


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