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Bhaktapur Taumadhi Tole Nyantapole#

Bhaktapur Taumadhi Tole Nyantapole
Bhaktapur Taumadhi Tole Nyantapole, March 2015, © Bernd Mader

This five-story pagoda is the temple of Siddha Laximi (Hindu goddess of prosperity). To reach the inside one has to walk up the stairs.

Legend tells of days when Bhairab was causing havoc in society and this temple was built to subdue him.

To guard the way into the temple, several guardians were placed next to the steps. On the first level is a pair of figures similar to Bhaktapur's strongest man, Jaya mal Pata (a famous wrestler).

This is followed by two elephants, two griffons, two tigers and finally Baghini and Singhini (the tiger and lion goddesses).

After subduing Bhairab, peace prevailed.