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Euphorbia atropurpurea #

Euphorbia, 1997, © Markus Duschek

Euphorbia atropurpurea, in Spanish tabaiba majorera (in German/Deutsch purpurote Wolfsmilch), is a shrub in the family Euphorbiaceae, native to Tenerife. It can reach 2 metres in height, and grows in ravines, and on slopes and terraces.

The plant grows best in humid conditions in mid to low altitudes (700 m and a bit below and above) on the south and west parts of the island.

The leaves are usually a bit more greenish/blueish than shown in this photo.

The fruit is a red capsule with three dark brown seeds. Like other plants in the genus Euphorbia, it produces a toxic white latex ('milk') if cut.