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Playa de la Teresitas#

Playa de la Teresitas
Playa de la Teresitas, 1997, © Markus Duschek

This beach here, seen from Punto de las Organos, is the only white sand beach in Tenerife. It is north of the village of San Andrés San Andrés, Tenerife .

Originally the beach consisted of mostly rocks and a small strip of black sand. It was divided into three distinct parts that had different names: Tras la Arena which was the original, Los Moros in the middle, and finally the area bounded by the ravine of Las Teresas. In 1973, 270,000 tons of white sand were shipped from Spanish Sahara (now Western Sahara, part of the Sahara Desert) to create an artificial beach of white sand.

Two piers and a kilometer long breakwater located 150 meters from the beach were constructed to prevent waves from carrying the sand out to the sea. In 1998 another 2,800 tonnes sand from Sahara were added to replenish the sand lost since its establishment.