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A Family of Superellipses
A Family of Superellipses
Output of a program on Rosetta Code
using u=320; v=320
Call supegg Color,a,b,n,u,v is the Syntax for supegg
Call supegg black,080,080,0.5,u,v
Call supegg black,110,110,1 ,u,v
Call supegg black,140,140,1.5,u,v
Call supegg green,170,170,2 ,u,v
Call supegg blue ,200,200,2.5,u,v
Call supegg red ,230,230,3 ,u,v
Call supegg black,260,260,4 ,u,v
Call supegg black,290,290,7 ,u,v
Note: The program creates a BMP file (1.2MB).
Using IrfanView this can be converted to a JPG file (79kB) which is shown here.

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