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Viennese Classic#

Carl Czerny: Variations op. 73 on Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser#

Variationen op. 73 on Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser

The variations on Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser from the Große Variation op. 73 for piano and string quartet by Carl Czerny (1791 - Vienna - 1857) is a work from the first quarter of the 19th c. The theme is Haydn's (Picture) famous Emperor's Hymn. Carl Czerny was so talented that he became a student of Beethoven's and later taught Franz Liszt when he was a recognized piano teacher himself. He thus stood between two important musical personalities of the 19th c - as a student and then as a teacher - and was a mediator between the generations. Although many consider Czerny's own compositions too pedagogical and trivial, the stylistic influence he exercised through his works on generations of pianists and composers should not be underestimated. (E. Stadler)


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