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Franz Koglmann: Wenn mich das wuetende Abendrot#

Franz Koglmann
Franz Koglmann

Analytical-melancholic illumination of the trivial in the spirit of Mahler, Berg and Webern The permeation of composition and improvisation, as well as references to literature (for example, Doderer) are decisive elements of Franz Koglmann's (1947 Wien) activities, which he gives a personal note with individuality and humor. In the composition Wenn mich das wuetende Abendrot (1982), which can be taken as a paradigma of his style, Koglmann (Illustration, Koglmann as performer) composes music with texts by D. Roth, which demonstrate his personal application of sound-traditions. (M. Saary)

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Franz Koglmann: Wenn mich das wuetende Abendrot
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