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Viennese Classic - Early Period#

Joseph Haydn: Symphony Nr.6 (Le Matin)#

Haydn's Geburtshaus in Rohrau
Haydn's birth place in Rohrau

The trilogy of symphonies representing parts of the day (1761) were the first works that Joseph Haydn (1732 Rohrau/Lower Austria - 1809 Vienna) wrote for his new employer, Prince Paul Anton Esterh zy. They make the two opposite poles of Haydn's composition technique clearer than almost any of his other works: a modern readiness to experiment combined with the use of tradional elements. The remaining music from Esterhaza Palace (Hungary) makes it obvious that the prince preferred compositions in an Italian-Concerto style, so the symphonies from that time actually represent a mixture of the Baroque concerto and the new, larger sound of the orchestra.

The musical example is characteristic for descriptive instrumental music: in the slow introduction of the symphony, Haydn depicts a sunrise. (Le Matin= Morning). (E. Stadler)

Sound Clip#

Joseph Haydn: Symphony Nr.6 ( Le Matin)
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