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Between the Wars#

Joseph Matthias Hauer: The Black Spider#

Joseph Matthias Hauer

Joseph Matthias Hauer (1883 Wiener Neustadt/Lower Austria - 1959 Vienna, Illustration: Portrait of the aging composer) organized his row differently than Schoenberg, as analogous to the intervalic relationships of tonal music in 6 Tropes. His German Singspiel (German opera with spoken dialogue) Die schwarze Spinne (1932), which centers on destroying the dangerous black spider, is based on only one twelve-tone row. Descriptive orchestration and melodies that support speech clarity bring this work closer to traditional listening habits with the desire for harmony. Crass stage effects are unknown to Hauer; his system is based mainly on philosophical considerations. (M. Saary)


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© Sound: 1991 Classic Amadeo 431 080-2, Interpreten: Wiener Symphoniker, Michael Gielen (Leitung).