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Romantic Period - Early 19th Century#


Title page of the manuscript
Fig. a

dancing pair
Fig. b

Jews harp players
Fig. c

Fig. d

Johann Felix Knaffl (1769 Klagenfurt/Carinthia - ca 1845 ?), Versuch einer Statistik vom kameralischen Bezirke Fohnsdorf im Judenburger Kreise (Attempt of a Statistic of the chamber District Fohnsdorf in the Judenberger Circle) (1813). Inspired by the survey of the folk made by Archduke Johann, Knaffl prepared a description of the topography and statistics that describe the countryside and the life of everyday people in his immediate surroundings when was in Fohnsdorf. Thus he created an invaluable source for modern folklorists.

Pictures:a) Title page of the manuscript
b) dancing pair
c) Jew's harp players
d) Wedding.

(E. Stadler)

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