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Between the Wars#

Alban Berg: Adagio from the Symphonic Pieces from the Opera Lulu#

Alban Berg

Alban Berg (1885 - Vienna - 1935) touches on the socially touchy theme of a woman, who is forced into prostitution, while at the same time being irresistably attractive to every man she meets, in Lulu (1935). A film by G.W. Papst (1925) made the subject popular and Berg (Illustration) artificially takes it a step higher by using a synthesis of dodecaphony, traditional opera and symphonic orchestration. The Adagio from the Symphonic Pieces from the opera Lulu contains authentic music from the unfinished 3rd act, thus demonstrating how Berg composed a mixture of forms and definitely planned to use symphonic techniques in his opera, which was completed by Friedrich Cerha. (M. Saary)


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© Sound: 1995 Berlin Classics /Gesellschaft für Produktmarketing mbH LC 6203 0090202BC, Interpreten: Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig, Herbert Kegel (Leitung).