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Paul Peuerl: Courante#

Affetti Musicali
Foreword to the "Gantz Neuen Padovanen, Auffzug" usw. von Paul Peuerl

Paul Peuerl (1570 Stuttgart/Germany - after 1625 [?]) was a Protestant musician in Horn und Steyr. In his Gantz Neuen Padovanen, Auffzug etc. printed in Nuremberg, Peuerl used the Trio setting (two melody instruments accompanied by a basso continuo) as the first non-Ialtian composer. The courante that you can listen to was printed in this collection. Ill.: Foreword from Gantz Neuen Padovanen, Auffzug etc. by Paul Peuerl. (E. Stadler)

Sound Clip#

Paul Peuerl: Courante
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