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60 th birthday symposium of three of former top students in Graz#

H. Maurer, June 15, 2018

I have given lectures to around 35.000 students, supervised over 500 M.Sc. thesis and supervised or co-supervised some 60 Ph.D.s or "Habilitationen": Many of those 60 have become extremely successful.26 became full professors, and others have positions in companies (or founded their own) with a success I can only admire. Clearly, quite a few turned out to be much better and successful than myself.

For three of them a special 60 th birthday celebration was organized after a conference in the area of their research (computational geometry) and I could not attend in person. Hence I attended in a "virtual way" by sending a videoclip (3 times 9 minutes) that was shown at the conference.

If you have enough patience you can view it here.